We install IRS systems for a number of management companies and estate agents.

Our team specializes in providing installation and maintenance services for communal IRS systems for management companies and estate agents. We also offer IRS repairs for tenants, as well as upgrading outdated systems with the latest technology.

We also collaborate with builders and electricians to design and install new IRS systems for new builds.

Whyte Technologies is our primary supplier for IRS systems, and we’ve had a successful partnership with them for several years. We trust their products and use them for all kinds of IRS projects. Our team is capable of designing a system that meets your specific requirements.

From 4 to 100 flats, we can efficiently install IRS systems that operate using a single TV aerial and satellite dish.

Our hybrid system is in high demand, providing each flat access to freeview, freesat, Sky HD, Sky Q, FM, and DAB. We can even ensure that your bedroom TVs are up and running or that your Sky Q mini boxes are functioning through Wi-Fi connectivity.

We have over 24 years experience in designing, building and installing IRS systems.

IRS Installation Timeline

This is an IRS hybrid system for a block of 16 flats that will give each flat Sky Q, Sky HD, freeview, freesat, FM and DAB radio with TVs in the bedrooms.


We have used a flat roof mount with a rubber mat and slabs to weigh it down.


Arrived to new build after electricians have run cables. Ready for us to install the new system.


This is the end result of the system being put in and all cables labelled to each flat, so we know what cables go where.


These are the chrome plates with white surrounds to match the rest of the sockets in the flats at the request of the client.

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