Starlink is a low earth orbit low latency high speed internet system.

Built for domestic and business so it is great for all rural areas where access to quick reliable internet is impossible. Because Starlink satellites are lower in orbit sitting around 60 times closer to earth than other traditional satellites reducing latency and increasing connection speeds.

To begin you will need to order and receive your starlink kit.

Your kit will come with 15mts (50) feet of cable sometimes this will not be long enough you can buy longer cables from the starlink online shop along with an Ethernet adapter to connect in to other devices or mesh WiFi extender.

Starlink standard kits are around £400 and £75 per month for the internet service

Starlink operates best when the dish is installed above roof height. We will first do a survey of your home to find the best place for your dish away from any building or trees that my obstruct the signal.

We offer a range of mounting options from supplying and fitting a bracket and pole to your chimney or on the side of your house with wall brackets we have brackets that come out from 6 inches to 36 inches to get over the roof line.

Or a flat roof mount if there is no other place to put your dish or to completely hide the dish from view. We will discuss the best place for the installation with yourself before we commence the installation of your dish.

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