Ajax is smart, reliable & lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms.

Protect your home with a simple tap by using the Ajax app. Turn your security system into an easy system to use.  Arm Ajax with a few taps, switch on appliances before you get home and get instant notifications though the app. Ajax is perfect for your home and the sleek design of all the products only adds to your home’s design.

We customise your system.

When designing your new security system, we’re able to customise your design and create a bespoke Ajax system to suit your home/business and security concerns. When installing a wireless system, we use the best on the market. Ajax is a wireless alarm system meaning quick installation time saving and cheaper for the customer. If you’re interested in taking your home security to the next level, We’ll be able to talk you through which system if best for your home security needs as well as the best products to suit you and your property.

Control Panels: The Ajax Hub is a revolutionary control panel that serves as the nerve centre for your entire setup.

Range Extenders: For total protection, alarm signal range extenders

Opening Detectors: Ajax sensors have two components: a reed switch and a magnet encased separately. A reed switch is an electrical contact that is enclosed in a container.

Glass Break Detectors: These serve as an invaluable form of protection, safeguarding against burglars, vandals, and inclement weather. An alarm is triggered when an Ajax glass break detector detects two consecutive sounds

Low-frequency impact sound followed by a high- frequency shattering glass noise. Thanks to the DualTone digital algorithm a false alarms (such as thunder, barking dogs or passing heavy traffic) do not trigger the system.

Motion Detectors: Ajax’s motion sensors detect even the slightest movement (both indoors and outdoors). The PIR sensor analyses the intruder’s body thermal radiation to ensure it’s human before raising the alarm. This helps eliminate false alarms caused by pets and wild animals.

Sirens: Ajax system sirens use a powerful sounder and bright LED to alert you and the neighbourhood. The weatherproof housing guarantees it’ll remain effective no matter what Mother Nature throws at it. The built in accelerometer will notify you if anyone attempts to tamper with the siren.

Indoor siren: a small indoor siren that can be fitted anywhere in your house that packs a high pitched loud noise at the same time as the outside siren or you can just have the internal siren only if you didn’t want one on the outside

Automation: Ajax smart relays and sockets can streamline many everyday tasks, from opening up your garage door to controlling the temperature in your home. They also transform a regular burglar alarm into an intelligent system that manages safety protocols. With just one click on an app you can ensure lights are switched off and doors are locked.

Connects by your app.

Your alarm system connects seamlessly to your smartphone, giving you all the information about your alarm system that you could need. This includes notifications when the alarm is triggered. Information on all of your connected devices, such as battery level and signal strength. It also allows you to arm and disarm your alarm, wherever you are. A standard system usually last from 6-12 months, with Ajax, you can get up to 5 years battery life. You can track the battery life of all of your products within the app so you can stay on top of it before they run out.

Supplied and fitted –
No wires, No worries.

We can give you a maintenance package after the installation for any problems you have this will include the replacement of the batteries before they completely run dry all we would need to do is book you in one day at your convenience. We can also supply a SIM card as a backup so if your network was to go down your still be fully connected at a monthly charge, please ask about this when building your security system.

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