Based in Southend, we supply, fit and repair TV aerials throughout Essex

Looking to add TV points in your home? We offer flexible solutions tailored to your needs, from fitting to 1 TV point to running a new TV aerial to multiple rooms. If there’s no power in the loft we use a masthead amplifier with a power unit that can run up to 8 TVs.

We will run coax cable to all new TV points that have been installed.

We understand a new TV aerial is not an everyday purchase, however, it is an investment

If you’re in need of a TV aerial that will perform efficiently for years to come, we can help. We understand the importance of getting a quality product without breaking the bank, which is why we offer competitive prices. You can trust us to provide top-quality products at a reasonable cost

Our aerials are equipped with 4G and 5G filters to reduce mobile phone interference, especially if you live close to a mobile phone mast. Additionally, we use amplifiers with built-in filters to provide even more protection against interference.

We base our aerial options entirely on the specific factors in your environment

We base our recommended aerial option entirely on the specific factors in your environment, such as trees or other obstructions that can block a signal from reaching you. These factors will have a bearing on the optimum aerial choice for you to receive crystal-clear reception. Trust us to carefully assess your needs and provide personalised recommendations for the best aerial option to suit your unique situation.

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